GeoControl landscape creating software
Sonntag, 07-Sep-2008
GeoControl2 - now as well is Mac OS X (Intel) available!

Now, till up to 24.5.2011 99,- Euro available and then to normal price!

GeoControl2 -
the professional terrain generator

The revolutionary concept of GeoControl2 opens up totally new dimensions of creating virtual landscapes.

The unique combination of more artistic tools and semi-scientific algorithms makes it possible to create realistic, breathtaking landsapes, based on conceptual layouts or on fantasie.  

The creative tool "isolines" is completly selfdeveloped and offers the first time the opportunity, to creatively control the form of the landscape.

Beispiel Einzelbild
The interventions are none destructive, layerbased and you can allways, also afterwards, readjust, switch off or change an isoline or layer.

The artistic "shape" filters give the landscapes a typical structure, like round hills or ridged mountains.
The semi-scientific erosion algorithms turn these outlines into fantastic realistic and so believable landscapes.
Beside that flows, rivers or even river networks can be added to the terrain. The algorithm is unique, extrem fast and satisfies even scientific requierements.

But landscapes are not only defined by nature. The human factor also is a very important element. The "vector" tool "simulates" this part of a landscape. You can use it to integrate roads, urban areas or even controled rivers
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The newest features from GeoControl2

  • improved GUI
  • improved and
    new erosions
  • isolines
  • selections
  • river and lake tool
  • vector tool
  • new renderengine

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